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Meet the Team - Emma

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Name: Emma

Day job: Food Marketing Manager

Dream bike: Either a Royal Enfield of a Triumph Bonneville

I’ve always been a lover of adventures so getting out on the open road, feeling free, brave, forgetting about normal day chores and responsibilities is just such a buzz for me.

Up until a couple of years ago I’d really loved riding pillion on the various motorcycles Nick had tucked away in the garage, where he happily will spend hours tinkering away, retuning and polishing until they shine (now with my bike to add to his chores!)

On occasions I started to get frustrated not having my own bike, when I saw something or wanted to stop. I guess in hindsight we could have invested in intercoms or developed a better signalling method but that’s not the point, the sound of the road without the interference of intercoms I think is part of the experience.

There are plus sides to being a pillion though, selfishly I could sit back and totally embrace and enjoy the ride without worrying which turn to take next (although you do still have to be incredibly alert and go with the rider). Having my own bike now I do realise the energy, concentration and effort which goes into riding your own bike (and I’m not even carrying anyone!)

I guess I’m not your average lady, growing up I was very much a tom boy and even now I really, really love things like tanks and would happily ride around all day in something less run of the mill. A highlight for me was taking part in a lady’s driving challenge for charity, having the opportunity to drive WW2 vehicles, police cars at high speed, fire engines as well as off-roading on tank terrain in a 4x4 was a complete joy, I love the thrill. Anyway I’m digressing…

So here are my top 5 favourite things about having my own bike now:

Having a shared interest and spending some quality time with my husband on my bike (named Willis), an adventure and the random places we visit (and the stop offs we make - normally for tea and cake!)

Being able to pull over with ease if you see something, I love photography so it’s a great match, in my car I can rarely just stop where I want and then miss the shot.

Feeling free like a bird, no car trip compares with it. You become a part of the countryside, the smells, the sights. On one trip I remember a deer running alongside us in the field, something we would have missed in a car. Your senses are definitely heightened.

After a day riding everything normally feels less stressful because you’ve taken a break from the routine and your endorphins have kicked in. I’m nearly always smiling after a ride out.

Being able to wear leathers without being accused of being mutton dressed as lamb, it’s essential safety kit so shhhhhhh.

What do you love about riding your bike?

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