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Chicken Satay salad wraps

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

It’s a wrap! How about this Satay chicken and salad wrap for a tasty lunchtime bite. Really simple to make, tasty and filling and you can throw in any salad you have to hand too. Also a fantastic lunch to wrap up in foil and take with you on a ride (when we are out of lockdown). Let us know if you make it.

View the video here

PREP TIME 20 mins


Roughly 523 cals per serving


60g finely shredded red cabbage

1 large carrot grated

Slices of red onion to taste, or a large spring onion

50g crispy lettuce

A handful of coriander

150g chicken breast chopped (or you can use leftover chicken)

2 large tortillas

For the sauce

2 tablespoons crunchy peanut butter

1 tablespoon sweet chilli sauce

Juice of 1 lime

Water to slacken sauce.


Prep all the ingredients, keeping the separate.

For the sauce mix the peanut butter, sweet chilli sauce and lime juice together and season to taste. Thin with a little bit of water if necessary.

Warm the wraps following pack instructions (this is not essential, especially if you are going to wrap and take out on a ride with you!)

Spread the sauce across all of the wrap and then start adding the ingredients onto the wrap.

Roll up folding in the sides to seal the filling.

Slice in half to serve

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